Yu-Tub (youtube) — new conditions for their slaves

New rules on YouTube from December 10, 2019
New rules on YouTube from December 10, 2019

Since December 10, 2019, Yu-Tub video hosting has once again changed the conditions for creators of video content. The monopolization of youtube has reached the maximum concentration possible and as a result of this, this service accepts new, certainly favorable conditions for itself

The slaveholding system on the Internet and in particular on youtube receives new contractual conditions.

In addition to the current conditions, until December 10, 2019 youtube could close the channel, delete content created by dozens and hundreds of hours of work of video bloggers due to a banal error, due to the recognition of any sneezing sound as an attempt on the rights of cunning users who managed to register any sound under copyright right.

Yu-tub went further — with the new rules, a lot of responsibility and responsibilities are shifted to video bloggers. While Yu-Tub gets the right and opportunity to unlimitedly and uncontrollably outrage against the creators of the content.

Yu-tub technical support was already famous for incompetence, rudeness and swagger. You can imagine what will happen now. Yu-tube will receive unlimited monopoly power by anyone and nothing regarding video bloggers.

General words of the rules of the youtube service allows you to interpret the agreement points as you like.