Chinese objects in Ukraine, which are not hit by Russian missiles due to a secret conspiracy between the Kremlin and Beijing

Did you notice that during the merciless bombing of the industrial centers of Ukraine, the Russians managed not to hit some objects?

For example, during the total destruction of the Mariupol industrial zone, the Satellite oil extraction plant, equipped with separators and storage facilities for grain and sunflower, and the port infrastructure needed to export oil from there remained intact.

July 2022, Ukrainian partisans set fire to a Chinese factory in Mariupol, which the Russians did not fire upon during the capture of the city.

So the Ukrainian partisans had to burn down this factory when Mariupol was finally captured by the invaders.

Or the Rashists do not spare the «calibres» for strikes on the front-line Mykolaiv and have already destroyed the second largest grain terminal in Ukraine — «Nika-tera», which belongs to the former agent of the Kremlin for gas corruption Dmytro Firtash.

But the nearby logistics complex of the «Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company» in the Mykolaiv Sea Trade Port remained intact (port facilities, grain dryers and an elevator).

Inviolable objects in Mariupol and Mykolaiv are united by a joint owner — the Chinese corporation COFCO.

Chinese «Way and way» through Ukraine

COFCO entered Ukraine several years ago and began construction of facilities within the framework of the «Way and Way» project, which China began to promote in 2013.

This gigantic infrastructure project was supposed to connect China with Europe through new ways of supplying goods and touch a bunch of countries in Asia and Africa along the way.

This is a plan of a truly planetary scale, in which the Chinese issued loans for the construction of ports, elevators, warehouses, railways, and roads in order to establish themselves as the world hegemon.

So that only grain, metal, ore, containers with goods would circulate within the framework of the new «Silk Road».

Russia has definitely been China’s main partner in this project from the beginning.

It was because of it that the construction of new roads and tracks was foreseen for the expansion of traffic.

However, over time, a shadow of mistrust flashed between Putin and Xi Jinping, and the Chinese shifted their emphasis a little.

At first, the Chinese reduced lending to Russia for this project and eventually brought it to zero in the first half of 2022:

Instead, the Chinese decided to invest in new directions.

They have somewhat refocused on Saudi Arabia with the oil and gas of the Persian Gulf.

And the land route was supposed to bypass Russia and look into Moscow only through Ukraine:

The project envisaged the launch of container trains from China to Europe, which would cross the seas on ferries.

And already after Russia’s attack on Ukraine in 2014, this project began to function little by little.

The breakthrough took place after the dredging in Odesa port «Pivdenny» in 2018, carried out by the Chinese company «China Harbor Engineering company Ltd.» (CHEC).

A container train with household and electrical goods from Guangzhou started running regularly to the «DP World TIS Pivdennyi» sea terminal in the summer of 2021.

The Chinese had big plans. In order to increase the flow of containers in this direction, in 2021 they started the construction of the largest container terminal in Europe(!) in Fenieslitka (Hungary) near the Ukrainian border.

Its launch at full capacity was planned for the spring of 2022. However, Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine brought about its own corrections.

The conspiracy of Russia and China to control Ukraine

According to Intelligence Online (subscription article), at the beginning of the invasion, Beijing managed to agree with Moscow that it would continue to independently manage its interests in Ukraine regardless of the outcome of the war.

In Beijing, the most likely outcome of the conflict is considered to be the transfer of Ukraine under the «protectorate of Russia.»

So the agreement with the Russians, brokered by lawyer Oksana Karel, a representative of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), guarantees that Chinese infrastructure will not be destroyed in the course of hostilities and that already planned investments will be preserved.

In turn, China has publicly promised not to take sides in the dispute.

According to Intelligence Online, the words «war» and «invasion» related to Ukraine have been banned from media and internal documents of state-owned and private companies in China.

The only term that can be used is «tension».

China’s ambassador to Kyiv, Fan Xianzhong, told his Ukrainian government, military and business contacts in March that China would not leave Ukraine and that its investment plans would be maintained and possibly expanded regardless of how the war ends:

«As an ambassador, I can responsibly say that China will forever be a good force for Ukraine, both economically and politically.

We will always respect your state, develop relations based on equality and mutual benefit.»

According to «Intelligence Online», this promise of the Chinese will have even more weight if Ukraine ends up under the control of Moscow.

Because Russia’s weakened economy after sanctions will prevent the Kremlin from financing the reconstruction and economic recovery of Ukraine.

So, in fact, the Chinese offered the Ukrainian establishment their money and support in case of our defeat or a hybrid peace in favor of the invaders.

Chinese facilities in Ukraine

Therefore, the Sino-Russian agreement on the inviolability of Chinese objects in Ukraine gives us a certain opportunity.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Russian missiles and bombs have so far bypassed the oil refinery in Mariupol and the grain port in Mykolaiv.

Therefore, the Ukrainian partisans had to set Mariupol «Satellite» on fire already after the complete occupation of the city by the Rashists.

Yuri Nikolov, Viktor Volokita, «Our money»