Arabat Strelka 2023 — War instead of the summer holiday season

I would very much like to hope that the summer of 2023 will be no worse than the summer before last. That the events of last year will disappear, be erased from memory, that 2022 did not exist at all.

That Genichesk and Arabatskaya Strelka will return to the status of a peaceful, quiet, cozy resort town on the shores of the Sea of Azov

However, in reality, nothing like this will happen. There will definitely not be a holiday season in 2023.

Hundreds of boarding houses of the Arabat Spit will remain storage tanks for soldiers and military equipment.

Military equipment will go by rail past Genichesk in the summer of 2023, and tanks and infantry fighting vehicles will go through Simferopol.

A more realistic scenario for Genichesk and Arabat Strelka is heavy fighting for the Crimean isthmuses when the advancing units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will rush to the Crimea.

The crazy concentration of Russian troops in the Genichesk region and on the Arabat Spit definitely puts an end to the holiday season this year on the Sea of Azov.

The Genichesk region and the Arabat Spit, saturated with minefields, barrage structures and crossed out by numerous checkpoints, will definitely not be ready for the summer holiday season.

The same, only in a much worse form, awaits the Arabat arrow in the event of active hostilities.

In this case, there will be no holiday season for several years, even if a peace treaty is concluded.

Demining the entire territory of the Arabat Spit, checking the boarding house after the boarding house throughout Arabatka, checking the waters of the Sea of Azov, sandy beaches, Pink Lake, Salt Lakes, and there will still be some possibility that danger is still lurking somewhere.

Under such conditions, restoring the Arabat Spit’s reputation as a safe children’s resort will take decades.

So after the end of the war of 1941-45, decades later, in the fields and estuaries of Sivash, on the shores of the Sea of Azov, people found mines, shells, grenades and weapons of the past war

For example, a sapper discharge of mortar mines was found on the shore of the boarding house Chaika 1 in the 90s of the last century.

Under a layer of sand, a few meters from the water, local residents found several dozen mines from the previous war with their fuses removed.

Army sappers in the 50s of the last century who carried out mine clearance of the coast stored discharged mines, but for some reason this sapper discharge was not destroyed then.

Anti-personnel mines laid during the 1941-45 war found in Sivash in the 60-70s of the last century.

As you can see, the echoes of past wars have a long time trail and do not contribute to the reputation of a safe place.

The same thing awaits the Arabat Spit after the end of this Russian-Ukrainian war.

It can be unequivocally said that the reputation of the Arabat Spit as a place for recreation will be undermined either for years or decades.

Yes, this is the price of Russian aggression that began on February 24, 2022 to “liberate” the South of Ukraine from the mythical “Nazis” and “Benderites” for the Genyans.