The war in Ukraine — an overview of events, why has not Kyiv won yet?

Sooner or later, all wars end in peace. The current Russian-Ukrainian war will not be an exception.

There are several reasons for the end of the war. This is a military victory of one of the parties, this is the depletion of the forces of the opposing sides, and this is a change in the elite and, as a result, a change in the goals of the war.

As a rule, wars begin when diplomacy reaches an impasse.

And then diplomatic conversations and negotiations are exchanged for machine guns and guns.

Unfortunately, not a single Ukrainian president has realized this simple truth — you need to have a strong army even if there are friendly and peaceful countries in your neighbors.

Canada is adjacent to its longtime ally the United States, but nevertheless Canada has a fairly strong army.

Ukraine, in this regard, has reached the point of absurdity. In the presence of a neighbor who annexed Crimea and actually took the South-East out of control of Kyiv, the Ukrainian presidents did not understand the gravity of the situation.

Instead of activating his military industry from 2015, re-equipping the army and navy, modernizing the military concept and preparing the country and law enforcement agencies for inevitable conflicts and wars, President Poroshenko naively trusted Minsk papers and cared about expanding his candy empire.

Instead of the next president of Ukraine, having appreciated the mediocrity of his predecessor’s policy, to urgently restore the army, rearm, equip defensive belts and fortified areas, he wanted to look into the eyes of a cannibal.

It is very difficult, almost impossible, to see in the eyes of a cannibal anything other than humanity in the gastronomic sense.

However, the political naivety of the president-comedian could have been obscured by a team of professionals if the same comedians and random crooks had not been recruited into the team.

It was still not too late from October 2021 to February 24, 2022 to prepare urgent measures to defend the country against an invasion about which the American intelligence services had warned

During these few months, it would be possible to mine the entire transport infrastructure bordering the aggressor state.

Prepare diesel locomotives with special destroyers of the railway track on all roads leading to the borders of Russia.

In the Kherson region, this unique fortified area adjacent to the Crimea, it was possible to mine every bridge and bridge over a dense network of irrigation canals.

Just think, a country that produced missiles capable of traveling tens of thousands of kilometers and hitting the enemy is now begging for missiles to hit 300 kilometers.

The war has been going on for a year, and we don’t even have missiles of such a range.

Nazi Germany during the war and the massive bombing of its territory was able to build underground factories for the production of the most modern and technologically sophisticated jet fighters at that time

And Ukraine, with much less shelling and missile strikes compared to Germany, cannot establish the production of tanks and missiles at home.

This is complete absurdity. Instead of punching Gusev, the head of Ukroboronprom, in the face every day for his false promises to arrange fireworks over Moscow for the New Year, Zelensky simply tolerates lies.

Instead of imprisoning looters who rob the budget of a warring country for decades, they are simply fired from their posts.

Moreover, they began to fight against the theft of the military budget, against corruption in Ukraine only after American auditors arrived in Kiev and poked the Ukrainian authorities with their noses at the outrageous scale of theft in the country.

So the war is very difficult to win, very.