Why Germany is against the transfer of tanks to Ukraine

Germany opposes the transfer of its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine as much as it can. But why ?

Tanks in general, and the German Leopard 2 in particular, are a necessary and obligatory component of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and, accordingly, the liberation of its territory from the Russians.

German tanks Leopard 2 as the key to the victory of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war

We can say that the German Leopard 2 tanks are the Joker that can unconditionally contribute to the real victory of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

However, Germany is not interested for economic reasons in the military victory of Ukraine over Russia.

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Chronicle of the Russian-Ukrainian War 2022

The fifth day of the great war with Russia is underway.

We note the unprecedented terrorist acts of Russia in the city of Okhtyrka, Sumy region — Russian troops continue to destroy homes, kindergartens, thermal power plants, and today hit an oil tanker and damaged the railway.

Post for analysts — gratings of a rocket, which they hit on Okhtirts, with license plates and the date of preparation.

On the third day, human bodies were excavated from under the rubble — the result of strikes by three aircraft missiles on the military unit.

Russia has wreaked havoc on not only its military infrastructure, but also the medical units where the doctors worked and were wounded. The number of victims is still being determined.

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